Why you should choose us

optimised Wide Range Compatibility

We support the most known devices and on every major update we do our best to support even more. MAG, Android, iOS and Enigma2 Boxes are supported. If you are a company and you sell your own branded devices we can support them right away.

powerfull Unlimited Scale

Our software scales as your number of customers is increasing. In our solution you can combine multiple servers together with just few clicks. When a customer connects they will be auto-redirected to a server with less load than the others or based on your desired settings. ISP/Country load balancing is also possible.

website Security

We provide multiple logs for each connection made by your customer. We can also recognize if an ISP is belonging to a VPN Service, DataCenter or a Proxy and our software blocks it right away. Locking Subscriptions by IPs, Countries and Number of connections is also possible.

Powerful IPTV Platform

  • 0+ Clients
  • 50M+End Clients
  • 0+ Integrated Servers

IPTV Panel

High Performance IPTV Panel Platform

  • server
    Professional Edition

    Powerful & All In One IPTV Solution with dozens of features.

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  • hosting
    Minimal Edition

    Create your own IPTV Server fast & easy

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Who needs IPTV Panel?

  • Hotels

    Why having many cables for providing to your customers Satellite TV? With just a LAN cable you are in every room.

  • Hobbyists

    Do you have your own channel? Provide to your audience the ability to watch you online super fast an easy.

  • Corporates

    Stream to all your stores or offices advertisements and services.

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