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  1. Hello I am in need of help for two things: 1)How to i get the steams via DVB-S2 PCI on computer and transcode then forward to xtream codes panel 2)How do i get the streams via HDMI and transcode then forward to xtream codes panel I understand that the xtream codes panel can transcode but i wanted to transcode the streams before they hit xtream codes.Aswell as transcoding the streams before they hit xtreamcodes i was looking for the best options to capture the stream. For example Skycaster you can use with dvb-s2 pci in computer and it can receive the stream and it can also transcode the stream but is there different option not using skycaster to receive the stream via dvb-s2 and transcode and then forward to xtreamcodes panel. Also what option is there to capture via hdmi and then transcode before xtreamcodes. Hope someone can recommend how to do this and some software/hardware/guides
  2. Just to add to this, with Version 2.3.0 all 7 of our servers would have the same up time for streams. since version 2.4.0/2.4.1 this is not the case, our feeder holds the stream fine but we do have load balance servers dropping the stream despite the stream not dropping from the main. Also since 2.4.0 we have channels randomly lose sound, now we know the source still has sound as we check and a restart of the stream fixes it but this is a bug that has appeared since 2.4.0 and I know you have personally worked with our main supplier BlackDream. Using this custom FFMPEG command does help with the dropping but not the sound issue, -i {INPUT} -c:v copy -c:a copy -copyts But as you can't mass edit your streams to add a command we aren't going to go through 500+ channels adding it. Secondly the panel struggles with deleting closed connection logs when you try to use the tool, actually for us it just crashes the panel.
  3. Could you please look at adding Vrack support at least give the option to use another ethernet port for feeding the load balance servers that is separate for the one to feed clients. My Server company supports Virtual Lan that gives a 10Gbps connection internally between servers despite their location in the world that also gives lower latencies so this would benefit anyone that has this option greatly as it would free hundreds of megabytes of bandwidth from our guaranteed bandwidth used for customers. Regards, Mark