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  1. I have a couple of issues and i dont know if its xtream or my setup. Do you have the same problem? 1: When using the TV guide to watch a TV program that was on before there are many times that its starts the program before or after it starts but not on time. 2: When watching VOD movies after some time it stutters goes jumpy. Skipping forward and then pressing play fixes it for a while then it happens again. Maybe my setuup and not xtream but it would be nice to know. Thank you.
  2. My own update. Version 2.3.1 fixed the problems.
  3. The updates should remake the main and the load balance for you. If you still have problems maybe you are facing a permissions problem.
  4. I done a full remake on main and loads, same problem + Ram seems be be getting higher and higer.
  5. Getting loss of sound on the new version on many channels
  6. Pesonally I would use a computer / Server with DVB Cards, but here is a link after a quick Google search. Maybe its what you are looking for. Add the URL from the DM800 to pro panel.
  7. Need help with hls output im wanting to use xtream codes to create hls output which i have achieved but my problem is if i share my live media through plex ony 1 person can watch it on a hls compatible device is someone else connects 1 gets kicked out.

    Is there away the i can create multiple lines and join them together. So if i create 3 lines and share 1 users m3u files in plex 3 people can view it or anything across them lines 

    thanks in advance 

  8. XMLTV_RT has stopped working. Does anyone know another provided for uk sky epg? Thank you.
  9. Hi. Since the latest update my direct radio streams do not work on the MAG254 but work on VLC Any fixes coming soon?