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  1. Let me add i havent updated yet to this new panel update hopefully it fixes the restarts... they might ignore the issue and say its our fault but they do start working on a lets hope this update is the fix
  2. Using mysql command you can change it... i did it for mine
  3. Yup i have the same issue as well as many others ... and they keep saying its our problem that they have thousands of people and that none of yhem are having this problem... with the amount of customers they said they have these guys are making alot of money off us yet saying its inly happening to me... when its as your post shows there are more people with this problem
  4. i think the panel has improved alot since the early days.. i have been using this for awhile ... had it under another account name before... in the past 2 months we have had very minimal down time on the cms... we are on our cms about 80% of the day... so for that i give you props.... the only problem i see they need to work on and say its on our end is the constant restart of streams the panel does on its own... this whole new rewrite from the ground up only made it constantly restart streams... and kicks users out often.. and they say its our fault that they have like thousands using it.. but everyone i talk to that uses it has the same issues and the right the same thing... with thousand that means they are making a killing off of use... enough to fix this problem and not say its only happening to me.. when they say the same thing to everyone else... other then that its been working better for alot of things.. as for them cracking thier software it is true anyone can find a free working version of it.. i think plenty of us could have just used a nulled version but dont in hopes they keep improving...
  5. Dont forget stripe
  6. i got the custom module from mikkm and they pay on whmcs and then can access the client area and their own m3u playlist and the app ... also synced whmcs to vbulletan and to wordpress data base for other iptv services we have that do not use xtream codes
  7. not bad when he was first doing this he wanted a lifetime iptv account plus 500 usd lol so consider yourself getting a deal lol... even though i was the one that recommended what to do to fix it looking all pixelated on android tv boxes... but last i heard he was done working with this...
  8. Does anyone know how to use this section... i have tried many solutions with none working ...
  9. yes but what script can we get the script you use?