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v2.4.1 Released

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TUNING: NGInx Config
TUNING: Sysctl 
IMPROVEMENT: Optimization regarding mcrypt & encryption that could cause high load under high traffic
IMPROVEMENT: Token on User Redirect, is now shorter. Previous token was causing problems to some players
Added: Boost Perfomance for Main Servers [ ONLY IF NO STREAMS/VOD ON IT ]
Added: Server List / Stream List + Online/Offline + Ability to Restart/stop in API
Added: Enable subtitles by default for stalker portal, setting
Fixed: Client Request Logs / Closed Connections Buffered Scrolling
Fixed: Wrong Timestamp on channel online in Manage Lines for users online
Fixed: Some IMDB Posters failed to download in some servers
Fixed: Remote API to create users/mag, Bouquet handling
Fixed: A rare bug where user may not receive a stream at 1st try
Fixed: Some Connections were not closing, although the user had left the stream
Fixed: Sorting on mag (rating,number,name)
Fixed: Stalker Portal Info Button crash
Fixed: EPG Cron crash in case of many EPG data
Fixed: Empty Node in some streams
Fixed: Send Signal/Message freezing

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