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So we wrote on January 5, 2021, and, as promised, time begins to give the first answers.

The Court of Appeal of Naples, on August 3, 2021, issued an order , as a result of our lawyers appeal

That said, the Court considers well-founded the criticisms made by the Defense in the part in which it censures the calculation of the profit arising from the offenses as performed by the judicial police assuming as a parameter the aggregate data of the billing for the sales and/or rental service of the platform in the years from 2015 to 2019. It should indeed be noted that, in acquiring the data in question, the Finance Police did not carry out any specific and detailed analysis of the beneficiaries of the services rendered by the company, limiting itself to a mere summation of the amounts of invoices issued in the years 2015 to 2019, thus ending up identifying the profit of the offenses as the entire amount of turnover produced by the company in those years.

This is a modality that could be shared only if one were to hypothesize that the company was created by the present appellants for the exclusive purpose of carrying out the actions that are the subject of these proceedings, only then could the entire activity carried out over the years be considered illicit, to the point of identifying the profit with the total proceeds earned. This is, however, a claim that has not even been put forward by the Public Prosecutor and that, in any case, finds no support in the investigative activity carried out, which, moreover, is contested by the party's consultant.

The Court of Appeal of Naples affirmed, without fear of contradiction, that the business carried out by Xtream Codes LTD, from its inception (2015) to its forced closure (2019), CAN IN NO WAY BE ALLEGED ILLEGAL AND THERE IS NO EVIDENCE THAT MAKES ONE THINK OTHERWISE.

All of the revenue of Xtream Codes Ltd from 2015 to 2019, which was seized in 2020, HAS BEEN DEEMED LAWFUL BY THE COURT OF NAPLES AND WAS THEREFORE RELEASED.

The first step towards reaching the TRUTH has therefore been taken. A truth that we are obliged to share with you, since no newspaper, large or small, published this news even though in 2019, when our platform was shut down, tons of articles, including highly defamatory ones, were written against us.

Even the Guardia di Finanza itself, in a recent post at the end of May 2022, insisted on calling our company a "worldwide pirate platform," even though the Court of Appeal of Naples made it clear that there was not the slightest evidence within their investigative activities to suggest the unlawfulness of Xtream Codes Ltd. Following the intervention of our lawyers, this press release, published on the official page of the Guardia di Finanza, was removed, as reported by the ANSA news agency

However, this is only meager consolation in light of the impossibility of stopping the "mud machine" that has been activated against us. But time will tell, and soon, we will get what we are owed for that unfair process that involves us, both in economic terms and above all, in terms of TRUTH.


Once again we have to issue a statement regarding the legal events that unfairly involve us.

It appears that the investigating authorities are associating the name of Xtream-Codes to that of another company called Xtream UI, coming to the conclusion that we continue operating under the name of the latter.

On this groundless and specious assertion it is necessary to be more than clear:


Since we suffered the forced closure of our company we had to exit the market, both because we were fully confident that the obvious conclusion that Xtream-Codes is totally unrelated to the work of some of its users would eventually emerge in a short period of time, and because in practice our economic and mental resources should necessarily be used in this unfair process that involves us.

Nevertheless, more than a year after the closure of Xtream-Codes, we are charged, in a completely superficial way, to be still operational based on the sole fact that others illegally use our name.

To this end, we have already instructed our lawyers to act before the competent judicial body to put an end to this unjust and illegitimate use of Xtream-Codes name.

Finally, we would like to make some observations.

At the time of closure, Xtream-Codes had around 4,000 active users and in total, around 14,000 users used our platform. Furthermore, 60% of users came from non-European countries.

We are involved in an unfair trial for the mere fact that about 20 users out of the 4,000 are accused of using illegally our software without our knowledge, although the software and the company are totally lawful, while on the dividends of the company we have obviously paid taxes to the state of Bulgaria, where we are based.

Despite the serious injustice that is already obvious based on these details, it should however be noted that according to the investigators report, Xtream-Codes appears to be the backbone of the illegal IPTV market.

Yet, we cannot help but also noticing - thanks to media reports - that the illegal IPTV market seems more flourishing than ever, more than a year after the closure of Xtream-Codes.

Could it be that Xtream-Codes - as any other company offering software similar to ours - is not the cause of spreading the illegal IPTV market?

Could it be that the investigators are following a totally wrong path that irremediably involves our company, which could be considered at the time of closure a European excellence?

Time will provide answers to these questions. Meanwhile, we remain at the disposal of the investigating authorities and confident about the work of the judiciary.


After last week's events, we feel that we have to express our thoughts about the Xtream-Codes case.

First of all, the main key concept should be clarified: XTREAM CODES IS AGAINST PIRACY.

The company had been carrying out its software development activities since 2015 and up to its closure, operated worldwide. Proof of this is the great success among the users who interacted with the Xtream-Codes platform and to whom we extend our sincere gratitude, they are the ones who considered our product as the most efficient tool on the market in the field of IPTV software. Over the years we received many work recognitions and awards from the entire IT community. Xtream-Codes alone has been recognized as one of the 1000 fastest growing companies in Europe and after passing the test of company legitimacy in USA, we registered our company in the Nab Show in Las Vegas and presented our innovative software.

However, the hard work carried out in recent years risks of being thwarted by the legal events that emerged in Italy, by which the name Xtream-Codes is groundlessly associated to a criminal group dedicated to the piracy of copyrighted content.

Over the years Xtream-Codes has always collaborated with the international judicial authorities in order to eliminate the phenomenon of piracy, to identify and stop those who had been illegally using our platform.

Those judicial authorities, in their proper activities to fight crime, always started from the right assumption, which is also the second key concept of the case: XTREAM CODES PLATFORM IS ABSOLUTELY LEGAL SOFTWARE.

To these authorities, there was always no doubt about the lawfulness of Xtream-Codes platform, but they had been rightly focusing their efforts on the distorted use made by some users and in such cases Xtream-Codes always showed its collaboration in the fight against crime.

The Italian authorities, on the other hand, acted up to this date, on the exact opposite way.

They never attempted to interact with Xtream-Codes in order to try to intercept the dozen users who were using the software unlawfully, out of the more than 4000 users the platform had before its closing.

In reality, Xtream-Codes has been deemed equal to those dozen or so individuals, even placing it at the top of this criminal group.

Anyone who is at a minimum familiar with the functionality of Xtream-Codes platform and hundreds of other IPTV platforms that try to replicate our product, as useless or lawful as this may be, will find this paradoxical!

However, in September 2019, as you know, Xtream-Codes site was seized and banned from all ISPs.

We accepted that decision, with confident that soon the truth would come out.

Today, about a year later, Xtream-Codes further faces some very strict precautionary measures, which cannot be detailed here for confidentiality reasons, since some claim that we continue our activities under a different name.

Because of this irrelevant assumption, devoid of any foundation, once again Xtream-Codes has to suffer serious consequences, primarily in terms of reputation, which we have built with so much effort over the years.

The media coverage of what happened last week is astonishing. The good name of Xtream-Codes in all media stories reporting these events is smeared and crashed, in contrast with the principles of law recognized universally, by which no one is guilty until proven guilty.

On rare occasions the media focused on information regarding the nature of Xtream-Codes and the function that its software performs. Many, including the investigators, confused an IPTV management software with an illegal IPTV. IPTV is a PROTOCOL for transmitting television content over TCP/IP. Xtream-Codes was nothing more than software - our original intellectual creation - the best and unsurpassed to date, which took advantage of this protocol to offer unmatched solutions and services around the world. IPTV is the future and it is very sad that we have been forced to stop for no good reason. It is as if the Italian authorities are trying to spread the message that IPTV software is illegal.

For this reason we have decided to break the silence and denounce the heavy harassment we are suffering both as Xtream-Codes and in personal level, fully aware that after this story to which we are totally strangers, nothing will be the same as before.

But, as someone said "soon the time of honors will be over" and what is seriously presumed at this stage by the investigating bodies will have to be proven before the Italian judiciary, to which Xtream-Codes places the utmost and unconditional trust.

Of course, the incalculable damage that Xtream-Codes and its administrators are being subjected to will not go unpunished, and as soon as the truth comes out we will present our case asking for full recovery.